2016 Super Intern

Passion to Innovate, Power to Change

Wuxi, 1 July 2016 -- After more than a month of keenly-contested online competition, 15 "Super Intern" nominees gathered in Wuxi following rounds of tests to participate in the finals of the 2016 Bayer "Super Intern" competition. Celina Chew, President of Bayer Group Greater China as well as several other members of the company's senior management also took part in the novel selection process from which six "Super Interns" eventually emerged.

Bayer made sure that a host of creatively-planned activities were in store for participants who had made it to the competition finals. During the improvisational theatre segment in the morning, finalists were tested on their creative capabilities, adaptability, and ability to work as part of a team. Students were able to uncover another "self" through the games played, a "self" that is full of creative energy and limitless possibilities in what was again a show of their "Passion to Innovate". During the "Crazy 130 Minutes" session in the afternoon, competitors worked in teams to complete several complex and interesting tasks in the picturesque setting of Dangkou Historic Town. The completion of these tasks required the collective intelligence of all team members, and more critically, their ability to react quickly and act decisively in different scenarios. How to screen for, and locate, critical information in an ever-changing environment replete with complex data and to work together with one's teammates to surmount challenges are all part of the " Power to Change " concept that Bayer values.

This year's Bayer "Super Intern" competition saw entries from 1,383 students from 560 universities. This year, Bayer continued to introduce new elements to the "Super Intern" competition through the use of publicity on WeChat and through the use of online preliminary selections in 2015, using the Meipai video platform for the first time to conduct second-round interview selections. During the second round of selections, a total of 50 students uploaded videos on Meipai, attracting 230,000 views in the short span of a few weeks. Votes for competitors were received from over 100,000 individuals in two rounds of selections.


Celina noted: "The Bayer "Super Intern" Competition is a highly innovative intern-selection program targeted at candidates born in the 1990s (i.e., the so-called "post-90s generation). Participants, which are drawn from the millennial generation, were tested on skills distinctive to this group, such as their use of social media, communication and creative skills, writing and narrative capabilities and the ability to establish personal brand. These requirements are also congruent with our employer brand of "Passion to Innovate, Power to Change". That is, if you are full of passion for innovation, Bayer will provide you with the opportunities to change the world. Our competition finalists are highly competent and imaginative, and all dream of creating an even better world."  She also said, "The Bayer 'Super Intern' competition is not merely an opportunity for Bayer to get to know outstanding Chinese university students who are passionate about innovation; Better, it is also an opportunity for Bayer to attract and select the best talents that fit our values and our motto: Science for a Better Life."

Please surf on to http://www.meipai.com/topic/拜耳超级实习生 to view Meipai videos of the competition participants.

Log on to http://weibo.com/bayerjob to access real-time text and image updates from the event.