Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Its products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. At Bayer you have the opportunity to be part of a culture where we value the passion of our employees to innovate and give them the power to change.

District Manager

Your tasks and responsibilities

·Implements the district sales strategy, ensures the achievement of sales goals through conducting academic promotion and maintaining networks with customers; and identifies business opportunities and problem areas

·        执行地区策略,通过学术推广、维护客户关系来确保销售目标的完成以及具备洞察业务机会和问题所在的能力。

·        Establishes goals for Medical Representatives in alignment with prescribed product strategies and monitors the progress towards them

·        根据制定的产品策略,帮助医学代表明确个人目标并监督达成的进展情况。

·        Organizes the collection of relevant market access data and competitive product information

·        组织收集相关市场准入数据及竞品信息。

·        Recruits and develops qualified personnel in cooperation with HR

·        与人力资源部合作,招聘及发展合格的从业人员。

·        Meets reporting requirements on product tracking, forecasting and effectively controls team costs

·        在产品追踪,预测及有效控制团队费用方面,能汇总报告。

·        Manages complaints and process through effective problem solving, execution, administration and resource management

             ·        通过有效的解决问题,执行,管理及资源管理来处理投诉。

·        Conducts performance management and development dialogues with subordinates; improves employees’ performance and engagement by coaching; executes performance improvement plans when necessary

              ·        通过与下属进行绩效管理及发展对话,来提高员工的绩效表现,在辅导中凝聚他们,必要时进行绩效改进计划。

·        Ensures compliance of all activities carried out in his/her team and provides regular compliance updates and trainings to subordinates

             ·        确保团队中所有的活动都能合规地进行,定期给下属提供合规政策更新和培训。

Who you are

·        University degree, preferably in the field of clinical medicine or pharmacy  or equivalent qualification

·        大学学历,医药相关专业优先

·        At least two years of sales management experience within the medical industry, preferably in a MNC as well as leadership experience

·        至少2年在医药行业的管理经验,跨国企业管理经验优先

·        Team performance management and leadership skills, communication &  authorization skills

·        团队管理及领导技巧,沟通与授权技巧

·        Profound knowledge of the Pharma market and related products

·        丰富的产品知识及市场营销知识

·        Excellent communication & negotiation skill

·        成熟的沟通和人际关系技巧以及良好的谈判技巧

·        Good command of both oral and written English

·        良好的英文口头表达及书写能力

·        Willingness to accept challenges and ability to work under pressure

             ·        愿意接受挑战和能在压力下工作

Your application

Bayer offers a wide variety of competitive compensation and benefits programs. If you meet the requirements of this unique opportunity, and you have the "Passion to Innovate" and the "Power to Change", we encourage you to apply now. Job postings will remain open for a minimum of ten business days and are subject to immediate closure thereafter without additional notice. To all recruitment agencies: Bayer does not accept unsolicited third party resumes.

Country: China
Location: XiaMen, ChuXiong, NanPing, SanMing, PuTian, QuanZhou, LongYan, NingDe
Functional Area: [sap_fa_13]
Entry Level: 5