Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Its products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. At Bayer you have the opportunity to be part of a culture where we value the passion of our employees to innovate and give them the power to change.

Sr. Medical Representative

Your tasks and responsibilities

 1. Achieving sales targets through scientific promotion and
 communication with the market department. 通过科学推广实现销售指标
 2. Creating and maintaining the image of company and product through the
 professional academic visit.通过科学拜访,建立和维持公司产品形象
 3. Developing and maintaining the clients who are important to our
 product (including client data maintain).开发及维持客户关系。
 4. Being in charge of scientific activities including cost management.
 5. Completing CRM system, giving feedbacks of market timely and
 completing the sales reports.
 6. Carrying out the activities of sales department and market
 department. 执行销售部及市场部组织的各项活动。
 Sr. Medical Representative:
 7. Delivering scientific promotion with strong education and
 professionalism independently.
 Medical Specialist:
 7. Delivering scientific promotion with strong education and
 professionalism independently.
 8. Playing an independent role as medical profession and supporting DSM
 in terms of coaching team for product learning/ client data analysis. 能够
 Position: Skills,...
 1. Higher than college degree大专以上文化程度
 2. Holding an effective RDPAC certification 具有有效的RDPAC证书
 o Must for Sr. MR and Medical Specialist
 o Preference for MR
 3. Relevant working experience 工作经验
 o MR(Junior):  no requirement, but medical/ clinic education
 background is required; 无需工作经历,医疗教育背景优先。
 o MR: At least 2 years working experience in PH industry, the
 clinic medical education background is preferable至少两年工作经验
 o Sr. MR / Medical Specialist:  At least 3 years working experience
 in sales function, top 10 key Competitors is preferred.至少三年工作经验,医药行业领先公司

Your application

Bayer offers a wide variety of competitive compensation and benefits programs. If you meet the requirements of this unique opportunity, and you have the "Passion to Innovate" and the "Power to Change", we encourage you to apply now. Job postings will remain open for a minimum of ten business days and are subject to immediate closure thereafter without additional notice. To all recruitment agencies: Bayer does not accept unsolicited third party resumes.

Country: China
Location: JiNing
Functional Area: [sap_fa_13]
Entry Level: 5