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Sr. Operator

Your tasks and responsibilities

 1. Follow established procedures and guidelines, including quality, HSE
 etc., to perform manual task, operate the equipment skillfully and
 2. Execute sampling and in process control as per quality
 3. Material transfer including raw material, packaging material,
 intermediate products and finished good. Handle material out of
 reception specification according to procedure. Collect and dispose
 scraps according to related SOP.
 4. Clean production equipment and work areas, check and confirm the
 cleaning status of equipment and work areas.
 5. Fills and check all the production document with the data obtained
 personally during manufacturing, cleaning, quality control and
 6. Support maintenance for production equipment
 7. Train less experienced workers to improve their operational skill
 and troubleshooting ability.
 8. Support process optimization, efficiency improvement project.
 9.For HSE
 a) Complies with the plant HSE rules and procedures. Follows HSE
 instruction, properly wears and uses personal protective equipment;
 b) Receives the safety education and training, obtains safety knowledge
 relevant to job, improves safety skill;
 c) Strengthens the abilities in accident prevention and emergency
 d) Timely reports potential safety problems and unsafe factors;
 e) Takes part in the organized accident rescue work;
 f) Special work employees must attend relevant training required by the
 government, and obtain the special work permits.
 a) 遵守工厂的HSE规章制度和操作规程,服从管理,正确佩带、使用和处置个人劳动保护用品;
 b) 接受安全生产教育和培训, 掌握本职工作所需的安全生产知识,提高安全生产技能;
 c) 增强事故预防和应急处理能力;
 d) 及时报告事故隐患和不安全因素;
 e) 参加有组织的事故抢险和救援;
 f) 特种作业人员必须按照国家有关规定经专门的安全作业培训,取得特种作业操作资格。
 Position: Skills,...
 Education: Must graduate from technical secondary school or above,
 specialty in pharmaceutical related is best.
 Experience: at least 3 years working experience in the field of
 Specialized training: systematic training in GMP, mechanical operation
 Knowledge & skills: GMP knowledge, and pharmaceutical knowledge.
 English reading

Your application

Bayer offers a wide variety of competitive compensation and benefits programs. If you meet the requirements of this unique opportunity, and you have the "Passion to Innovate" and the "Power to Change", we encourage you to apply now. Job postings will remain open for a minimum of ten business days and are subject to immediate closure thereafter without additional notice. To all recruitment agencies: Bayer does not accept unsolicited third party resumes.

Country: China
Location: KunMing